New Capitals

New Capitals

If you’ve already read something about us, you now know that we like discover new kinds of capital and accumulate them. One we like the most is called motivation, a magic potion that makes everything possible. So if you’re afraid you couldn’t afford any of our classes but you really want to join us, please don’t surrender: check how many options you got, beyond investing money…

Your contract with us

  1. What can you do in CG ?

    • I'm a noob > You'll regularly attend our class and pay it
    • I can do "X" > Go to point 2
  2. How good are you (from 1 to 5) ?

    • 1 > You works for us doing what you can do and we fund (partially or totally) your training
    • 2 to 5 > We check your demo reel and/or book and make you an offer (training, hospitality, personal project hosting)
  3. Which class would you attend ? Which project would you join ?


We teach you. We host you. We feed you and guarantee for the essentials.


You work for our projects (4 to 6 hours per day, depending on the contract), doing what you can do or what your learning with us… Or both.